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Basic rules structure as D6 by WEG. Tests are done by rolling a number of D6 and adding the results to reach a target number. One of the dice is Wild, a 1 resulting in a mishap or complication and a six exploding by adding another die to the result.

Characters are defined by 6 or 7 attributes and 48 skills as well as other abilities, movement, species and such. Attributes have a maximum base on species while skills have no maximum. Increases to skills and attributes are purchased with character points. Die codes are made up of dice and pips. The number in front of the die code is the number of dice rolled and the number after the die code are pips added to the total; 3D+1 means roll 3 dice and add the sum of those three dice to 1 for a total. Each die is made up of three pips, so when advancing a die code it would progress as 1D, 1D+1, 1D+2, and then 2D.

Scale is used to define the interaction of big and small things. Human adults are medium scale. Medium defines anything about the size of a person between 4 feet and 7 feet tall. Each scale is twice as large as the last scale so 8-15 feet is large, 16-31 feet is huge, 32 feet to 63 feet is giant, 64 feet to 127 feet is colossal. By the same scale smaller items are defined 2-3 feet is small, 6-12 inches is tiny, 3-5 inches is minute, and 1-2 inches is finite. Each change in scale shifts damage and targeting difficulties by 2D. A human shooting a huge truck gets a +4D bonus to hit, but takes a -4D penalty to damage. To improve his odds the shooter could shoot for the tire, a medium target with no bonus to hit or penalty to damage. The same would be true for facing an opponent as heads, arms, and rifles usually fall into the tiny range making the 4D harder to hit, but much less able to resist damage than the center of mass.

Magic use is based on the magic attribute, which falls outside the range of the normal six attributes. Knowledge of magic is based on Arcana and Faith depending on what type of magical effect or event is being considered. To use a magic spell or ritual the character must first learn it as a skill under the magic attribute. Each magician will have a unique set of spells based upon their studies. Most start with only one or a small selection of spells, but those practicing for years may have many spells. Each spell is unique and some may be fired off without a thought while others may take weeks of preparation.

General Rules

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