The gangs vary in size with most being between five and thirty members and those who survive the collapse of one gang often join or form others.

Street gang

The most common gang which centers around a particular area or business it declares as its turf and harasses or robs from those in the area. Street gangs may or may not have vehicles at their disposal but are often defined by their primary hangout, be it a particular alley, business, or residence. Typical crimes include robbery, assault, unlicensed drug production, protection rackets, vandalism, and forced prostitution.

Biker gang

The next most common is the go-gang or bouzouki who revolve around a set of vehicles and either engage in banditry or street racing, often both. The vehicles are often ground cycles, but not always. Some use street racing cars or hover vehicles depending on their style and ability to acquire them. Other than revolving around a typical vehicle the activities are similar but with disputes over a much wider area as they are more mobile.

Ghoul gangs

They are the most despised of the gangs as they often engage in murder for body parts or slavery. Some collect cybernetics and genetically modified organs as “repo-men” while others just know unscrupulous cyberdoctors who don’t care where the parts come from. Slavers are often lumped with ghouls although both have notable distinctions and on occasion other types of gangs will do both.

Thrill gangs

They tend to be short lived, but are often violent and destructive while they last. Some are just into drug parties and thrill seeking, but the escalation to violence is common and generally ends when they push a bigger gang, syndicate, or corporation to far and either more powerful gangs or bands of mercenaries take them out.

Wiz-bang gangs

Being the most frightening, as they are thrill gangs made up of wizards, the wiz-bangs often become the target of concerned vigilantes and power players once they get a reputation. With the unique nature of wizards their powers can vary from something of little concern to those releasing hordes of demons out of boredom or lack of control.

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