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Character Creation Methods

Characters can be generated using one of three methods. The quickest method is to choose a premade archetype from the samples. The next fastest method is the traditional D6 method with 18D split among the attributes and 7D split among the skills. The last method is point buy with 79 points available and attribute dice costing 4 while skill dice cost 1 point.

The end result is the same, but a little more customization can be done. Advantages and flaws allow extra customization with up to 10 points of flaws allowed to offset the cost of advantages purchased.

Option Two: Custom

Attributes: Distribute 18 dice among the seven attributes. The minimum is 1D and the maximum is 5D in all attributes except the magic attribute. Magic has no minimum and a 6D maximum regardless of species unless they can’t learn magic.

Skills: Distribute seven dice among the skills. The maximum number of dice added to any one skill is 3D.

Move: This equals 10 meters per round.


Each character has seven attributes, which measure basic physical and mental abilities that are common to every living creature (and some nonliving things), no matter what universe or dimension they exist in.

Reflexes: Measure of balance, limberness, quickness, and full-body motor abilities.

Coordination: Measure of hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities.

Physique: Measure of physical power and ability to resist damage.

Knowledge: Measure of strength of memory and ability to learn.

Perception: Measure of mental quickness and attention to detail.

Presence: Measure of emotional strength, physical attractiveness, and personality.

Magic is an optional attribute used for casting spells and doing magic rituals

Species; may have a point cost like an advantage

Method 3; Point Build

79 points are divided as the player desires, no less than 1D in any of the six primary attributes unless the character has a disadvantage that would bring it down from one. 4 points buys a 1D of attribute with a maximum of 5D unless an advantage is taken to push it higher. Skills cost 1 per 1D and are added to an attribute to a maximum of 3D above the attribute. Skill and attribute dice can be split up into 3 pips each but must be purchased as whole dice.


Authority (R1, R2, R3)
Contacts (R1, R2, R3, R4)
Cultures (R1, R2, R3, R4)
Equipment (R1, R2, R3, R4)
Fame (R1, R2, R3)
Patron (R1, R2, R3)
Size (R1 or more)
Specialization (R1)
Wealth (R1, R2, R3, R4)


Achilles’ Heel (R3, R4); examples (R3): Allergy, Atmospheric Incompatibility, Cultural Allergy, Environmental Incompatibility, Metabolic Difference, Nutritional Requirements, Rot, Vulnerability; examples (R4): Allergy, Cultural Allergy, Rot, Symbiosis
Advantage Flaw (R1, R2, R3); examples (R3): Infection, Minor Stigma, Stench
Age (R1, R2)
Bad Luck (R2, R3, R4)
Burn-out (R1 or more)
Cultural Unfamiliarity (R1, R2, R3)
Debt (R1, R2, R3)
Devotion (R1, R2, R3)
Employed (R1, R2, R3)
Enemy (R1, R2, R3)
Hindrance (R1 or more); examples: Bad Knee, Rude, Trick Shoulder, Uncoordinated, Unobservant
Illiterate (R1)
Infamy (R1, R2, R3)
Language Problems (R2)
Learning Problems (R1)
Poverty (R1)
Prejudice (R1, R2)
Price (R1, R2)
Quirk (R1, R2, R3); examples (R1): Dependency, Kleptomania, Indecision, Stutter; examples (R2): Dependency, Secret; examples (R3): Dependency, Paranoid, Phobic, Vengeful
Reduced Attribute (R2)

Special Powers

Those who aren’t normal humans may have additional powers purchased with creation points. These powers may represent mutations, an alien species, a monstrous affliction, cybernetics, or magical alterations.

Accelerated Healing (3)
Ambidextrous (2)
Animal Control (3)
Armor-Defeating Attack (2)
Atmospheric Tolerance (2)
Attack Resistance (2)
Attribute Scramble (4)
Blur (3)
Combat Sense (3)
Confusion (4)
Darkness (3)
Elasticity (1)
Endurance (1)
Enhanced Sense (1)
Environmental Resistance (1)
Extra Body Part (0)
Fast Reactions (3)
Fear (2)
Flight (6)
Glider Wings (3)
Hardiness (1)
Hypermovement (1)
Immortality (7)
Immunity (1)
Increased Attribute (2)
Infravision-Ultravision (1)
Intangibility (5)
Invisibility (2)
Iron Will (2)
Life Drain (5)
Longevity (3)
Luck, Good (2), Great (3)
Master of Disguise (3)
Multiple Abilities (1)
Natural Armor (3)
Natural Hand-to-Hand Weapon (2)
Natural Magic (1)
Natural Ranged Weapon (3)
Omnivorous (2)
Paralyzing Touch (4)
Possession, Limited (8), Full (10)
Quick Study (3)
Sense of Direction (2)
Shapeshifting (3)
Silence (3)
Skill Bonus (1)
Skill Minimum (4)
Teleportation (3)
Transmutation (3 or 4)
Uncanny Aptitude (3)
Ventriloquism (1)
Water Breathing (2)
Youthful Appearance (1)

Power Enhancements

Additional Effect (1)
Bestow (see description)
Extended Range (3)
Magically Empowered (4; 1 per additional
Multiple Targets (2)

Power Limitations

Ability Loss (3; 1 per additional rank)
Allergy (3; 1 per additional rank)
Burn-out (1)
Cybernetics (0)
Debt (3)
Flaw (1)
Minor Stigma (3)
Others Only (2; 1 per additional rank)
Price (1)
Restricted (1)
Side Effect (2)
Singularity (1 per Special Ability)
Super-science (2)

Character Creation

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