Tools and Accesories

Helpful Gadgets


Characters often want small helpful gadgets that give a bonus to using skills with that device. When using a bonus granting item there is a cap of 4D to the amount of bonus that can be granted by any one device, drug, or spell. When combining bonuses use the highest bonus and add 1D for each other bonus that can logically stack to a maximum of 6D in combined bonuses.


Gadgets that only offer a bonus to a specialized use of a skill (Binoculars that give a bonus to Awareness rolls made at distances over 10 meters) the cost is pips of bonus squared time ten credits. (Bushnell Outfielder Binoculars with 1D bonus to visual awareness rolls in daylight at ranges over 10 meters cost 90 Credits)


Gadgets that increase all uses of a skill (Tool kit that enhances all mechanic skill rolls) the cost is pips squared times 100 Credits. (Sears Master Craftsman Shop Kit gives a 3D bonus to all mechanic rolls and costs 8,100 Credits.)


Drugs, one shot items, and other things that are gone after a single use are pips times duration with a minimum of 1 round. (Johnson and Johnson emergency aid patch with 3D bonus to Medicine when used to treat a wound – effectively 1 round – is 36 Credits.)


Geotronics Inertial Compass (1D to navigation if trying to get back to a logged start point) 90 CR

Thinkpad Portable Encyclopedia (1D to Scholar) 900 CR

Rapid Entry Lockpick (1D Security vs key locks) 90 CR

Bushnell Outlander Binoculars (1D Visual Awareness at 10m or more in daylight) 90 CR

Sears Master Craftsman Shop Kit (3D to Mechanic) 8,100 CR

Johnson and Johnson Emergency Aid Patch (3D to Medicine, single use) 36 CR

Big Mountain Climbing Kit (1D bonus to Climbing) 900 CR

Lasergrip Targeting sight (1D bonus to Marksmanship) 900 CR

Leopold Huntsman Scope (2D marksmanship if aiming 1 round or more at target over 10m away) 360 CR

Cybertronics Servoharness (2D bonus to lifting) 3,600 CR

Big Mountain All Purpose Survival Pack (1D survival bonus) 900 CR

Arctic Breeze Thermal Poncho (2D Stamina bonus vs exposure to cold) 360 CR

Divemaster SCUBA Package – No Tank (2D Swimming bonus) 3,600 CR

Enduro Energy Booster (3D Stamina bonus for 2.5 hours) 180 CR

LawDiv Disarming Kit (2D bonus to Demolitions when diffusing munitions or bombs) 360 CR

Actors Cabaret Character Case (1D bonus to Disguise) 900 CR

Tools and Accesories

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