weapon (ranged)

Gun rules are being severely simplified as there could be millions of gun models in Maltese. The basic assumption is most handguns are subsonics while most rifles are hypersonic. Energy weapons count as hypersonic unless they are somehow “Stealthed” at which point they are treated as subsonic with a silencer.


Damage is 1 pip per mm of bore. Typical sizes are 6mm (light) 9mm (medium) and 12mm (Heavy). Subsonics can be easily silenced (100 credits times bore size).

The base cost Action + Barrel + Magazine.

Action is bore squared (36, 81, or 144) for single shot and double for bust fire weapons

Barrel is Bore times length (12 – 120 for most handguns)

Magazine is bore times capacity (12 – 120 for most handguns)

Overall the average handgun will run 60 – 1,728 credits

Maximum Range is 25 times barrel length (inches to meters; it’s actually a 1,000:1 ratio in mm)


Hypersonics are the same as subsonics except the cost is calculated using double the bore, Damage is double the bore in pips, standard sizes are 4.5mm 6mm and 7.5mm, and hypersonics can’t be silenced.


A Laser or other single energy attack costs double the standard slugthrower price. A Dual purpose blaster/phaser weapon with a stun setting costs triple the standard slugthrower price.


Holdout Pistols:

Streetline Special-6mm (2D, 50m range, 2 shot standard) 60 Credits

Colt Backup-9mm (3D, 50m range, 4 shot standard) 135 Credits

Walker Bulldog-12mm (4D, 50m range, 5 shot standard) 228 Credits

Concealable Pistols:

Grendle p-30-6mm (2D, 75m range, 30 shot standard) 214 Credits

Glock 19-9mm (3D, 75m range, 12 shot standard) 216 Credits

Eagle Shorty-12mm (4D, 75m range, 6 shot standard) 252 Credits

Standard Pistols

Ruger Mark-6mm (2D, 100m range, 10 shot standard) 132 Credits

Glock 17-9mm (3D, 100m range, 17 shots standard) 270 Credits (Silencer 900)

Colt M12-12mm (4D, 100m range, 8 shot standard) 288 Credits (Silencer 1200)

Target Pistols

Militech Race-gun-6mm (2D, 150m range, 10 shot standard) 144 Credits

Smith and Wesson Contender-9mm (3D, 200m range, 6 shot standard) 207 Credits

Taurus Bison-12mm (4D, 250m range, 5 shot standard) 324 Credits

Subsonic Carbines

Ruger Poacher-6mm (2D, 300m range, 10 shot standard) 168 Credits

Uzi-9mm (3D, 200m range, 30 shot full auto) 504 Credits (Silencer 900)

Mac-12mm (4D, 200m range, 30 shot full auto) 744 Credits (Silencer 1200)

Thompson-12mm (4D, 300m range, 50 shot full auto) 1,032 Credits

Militech Assassin-12mm (4D, 450m Range, 5 shot standard, integral silencer) 1,620 Credits

Hypersonic Rifles

Ruger Sport-4.5mm (3D, 400m range, 5 shot standard) 270 Credits

H&K ACR-4.5mm (3D, 400m range, 50 shot full auto) 761 Credits

Colt AR-6mm (4D, 400m range, 20 shot full auto) 620 Credits

Colt CAR-6mm (4D, 400m range, 5 shot standard) 396 Credits

Armalite A-7.5mm (5D, 400m Range, 20 shot full auto) 990 Credits

Savage 300-7.5mm (5D, 600m range, 5 shot standard) 660 Credits

Ammo (per 100 rounds)

4.5mm Hypersonic 81 Credits

6mm Subsonic 36 Credits

6mm Hypersonic 144 Credits

7.5mm Hypersonic 225 Credits

9mm Subsonic 81 Credits

12mm Subsonic 144 Credits


Spare magazines for guns with removable magazines are bore (x2 for Hyper) times capacity.

Standard Colt AR 20 round Magazine = 240 Credits

Extended Colt Ar 30 round magazine = 360 Credits

Colt AR 100 round Drum = 1,200 Credits


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